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  Basic Information
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 4+ Guests
  • Rates from 770€ to 1,050€ per week

  • Panoramic Sea and old port view
  • Strategic Location
  • Private Garden
  • Barbeque
  • Extra large terrace
  • Air/con
  • Wifi
  • Tv and DVD

  • Chania Airport - 15 min drive
  • Chania Port "Souda"' - 20 min drive
  • Venetian port - 15 min drive
  • 4 Sand Beaches - 10-20 min drive
  • Various archaeological sites, temples and monasteries - 5-15 min drive

  • Caretaker on site
  • Car recommended
  • Pet friendly

Divinely touched Chania, Crete. A heavenly and pure land brimming with natural beauty, history, memory and culture. It is a land whose visitors experience nature in all its glory and encounter breathtaking sights. Endless stretches of seashore bordered in frothy lace, inlets and islands of exotic beauty and sandy beaches tucked away at the foot of forbidding mountains. If you are a first-time visitor to Chania, you will also be surprised by its great history and rich civilisation. The old town, on and around the hill of Kasteli, was built upon the ruins of Minoan Kydonia and is surrounded by the Byzantine wall, the Venetian wall and the sea. The Minoan civilisation left behind grand tombs, magnificent buildings and interesting objects and artifacts. During its occupation by the Venetians and the Ottoman Empire, people of different nationality, culture and religion co-existed and have left discernible traces. Last but certainly not least, anyone who has tried the renown Cretan cuisine, is still dreaming of it, and most probably has prolonged his or her life span, if just a little, according to lore...

This delightful Holiday Home is strategically located on the top of a hill with a breathtaking view of Chania, the Venetian old port and the Cretan sea extending into the sunset. It is far enough from the busy streets to be blissfully serene and relaxing, but also close enough to provide easy and quick access to the town, the beaches and all the archeological sites, monasteries and the Venetian old port.

The house and garden bathe in sunlight during the day, and cool down in the afternoon surrounded by pine trees, while the extra large terrace bares witness to the sun setting behind the twinkling Cretan Sea. The wonderfully lit and spacious living room is the second choice, after the terrace, for families and friends seeking to gather and relax after a long day at the beach, walking through the narrow Venetian corridors of the old port, or amongst the ancient Minoan ruins. The home has a master bedroom with a double bed, and a second bedroom with twin beds that can be pushed together if so inclined. The kitchen is fully equipped and more than ready to accommodate the needs of families and friends should they wish to prepare a meal with traditional Cretan ingredients.

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