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  Basic Information
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 10+ Guests
  • Rates from 1,800€ to 3,080€ per week
  • Special rates for 5 people or less

  • Direct access to the beach
  • Extraordinary location
  • Large private gardens (Child-safe) and terrace
  • Stone barbecue
  • Air/con
  • WiFi
  • TV/Dvd
  • Table Tennis

  • Town center - 5/10 min drive
  • Closest beach - On the beach!
  • Chania airport - 15 min drive
  • Chania Port "Souda" - 15 min drive

  • Family oriented and recommended
  • Car not required
  • Pet friendly
  "The House by the Sea". An aptly named villa because of its location; literally on the beach, but...oh so much more than that.

Chania, Crete. "A heavenly and pure land brimming with natural beauty, history, memory and culture. It is a land whose visitors experience nature in all its glory and encounter breathtaking sights". This villa is situated right in the middle of one of these sights. Specifically, the estate is located in the middle of Chrissi Akti Beach near Chania. Behind the villa, a large pine-tree forest extends into the background where grandiose mountains rise tall, and directly ahead, the glimmering Mediterranean's horizon pauses only for the tiny island of Lazaretta. In between the villa and the sea, a long golden sandy beach beckons you to sink your feet into it before cooling them off in the refreshing Cretan sea.

"The House by the Sea" itself is pure pleasure to behold, inside and out. Practically, and aesthetically, the villa is simply magnificent. Thick stone walls embrace the villa providing an authentic backdrop, whilst keeping the house cool during the warm summer months. Indoors, the 2 story villa boasts 5 bedrooms -easily accommodating 10 people-, 2 spacious living rooms and dining areas -complete with extra-large tables, comfortable sofas, armchairs, and fireplace-, and 2 fully equipped kitchens. All of which are brushed with the most exceptional elegance and tastefulness. The villa is built with all the modern amenities in its inner workings, and all the classical Greek beauty on its outward layer. The best of both worlds you might say...

The large-windowed bright indoors have the privilege of overlooking the brilliant outdoors. Poseidon's favorite twinkling sea mesmerizes, day and night, in the front. In the back, the lush garden wonderfully cools the air, provides shade, large dining tables, a stone barbeque, hammocks, comfortable recliners, and table tennis. Surrounding the estate, large verandas generously offer outstanding views of all this natural, as well as man-made, beauty.

As this was not enough, the surrounding areas offer almost anything anyone could wish for, from gorgeous beaches of all varieties, to immense, towering mountains filled with traditional villages waiting to be explored. From modern nightlife with bars, beach parties, and dancing, to cultural and historical sites, ancient ruins, old towns, and museums overflowing with history and mythology. All within a short drive's distance.

It is exceptionally rare to find such a combination of outstanding location, impressive practicality, and majestic aesthetics. "The House by the Sea" is a rare Cretan gem, to say the least.
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