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  Basic Information
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 6+ Guests
  • Rates from 900€ to 1,200€ per week

  • Authentic and unique 1830's architecture and layout
  • Amazing sea view
  • Direct access to the beach
  • Spacious indoor and outdoor living areas
  • Strategic location (beach and market proximity)
  • Large private Garden
  • Tv/Dvd

  • Syros Airport - 10 minute drive
  • Closest town - 3 min drive
  • Closest tavern - 2 min walk
  • Syros Port/Ermoupolis - 15 min drive
  • Closest beach - on the beach!
  • Various beaches - 5-15 minutes walk
  • Piraeus port/Athens - 3,5 hours by boat

  • Pet friendly
  If you're searching for luxury, you might want to look somewhere else.
This truly unique and special estate can be described in many different ways, with several adjectives, depending on the prism through which you look at it. Authentic, bohemian, artistic, unconventional, eccentric are just a few...however luxurious is not one of them!

Surrounded by a large private garden, complete with 19th century water basins and wells, the residence boasts a magnificent sea view from almost any angle. Although the home itself is renovated in several ways, and is decorated with modern art created by the owner's own hand, it still retains a number of its authentic 1800's characteristics, especially structurally and stylistically. The -fully functional- kitchen, for instance, is located in a separate room outside the home. The home's water supply is derived from a traditional well, and thus the water is brackish (ever so slightly salty). All doors and windows are maintained in their authentic form and style, and most all rooms are preserved in their original layout and arrangement, easily accommodating 6 people.

This home was built in the 1830's in Poseidonia on the island of Syros. The architect and original owner was the same who built a large portion of Syros' main buildings and renowned structures; amongst them the island's main port in Ermoupoli which during the 19th century was busier and even more prominent than Athens' port, Piraeus.

A fifteen minute drive from the main port will get you to the municipality of Poseidonia. This area has been habituated since ancient times, and has seen its fair share of history. From the ancient Phoenicians, to the Ottoman empire, to the modern Greeks. These seas have been contemplated on by philosophers, had songs written about them by musicians, and been used as hideouts by pirates in the middle ages. Actually, the caves that can be seen across from the home are rumored to have been used as loot hideaways by pirates who dug secret tunnels all over the place, some discovered, some not.

The home's location is simply envious, since the natural beauty of the immediate surrounding coastal landscape is quite astonishing. The estate is practically situated on the beach. One of them to be precise, since four marvelous golden sand beaches with crystal-clear turquoise waters await at 5-15 minutes by foot. If you decide to take the car or the bus, the number of beaches, sandy and rocky, in proximity are almost countless. Also at walking distance you will find several traditional Greek taverns, and the market is a 5 minute drive away.

All this result in an exceptionally genuine experience in-and-of-itself when visiting this exceptionally genuine residence. Will you embark on its adventure?
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